World-Class Entertainment

When you get home after a long day at work, you want to fall into a comfortable chair in the living room and switch on the television to world-class, enjoyable entertainment and top-quality satellite TV. Paying for a service that provides this for you would usually run at a monthly fee of nearly R800, but with StarSat, you are able to enjoy all this and more at much lower prices.

The StarSat Package Options 

StarSat grants you access to a wide range of international and local channels, and our selection of packages will cater specifically to your wants. We offer a selection of three English packages that are tailored to fit both your preference and your budget.

  1. StarSat Special

This package is the compact version, and delivers more than 40 viewing channels for your entertainment. Local channels include the three SABC channels and eTV to keep your local viewing uninterrupted. Aljazeera and BBC World News will keep you in the loop of what is happening across the world, while Fox Sports 2 will deliver a variety of sporting events and news for you to enjoy.

  1. StarSat Super

This is our complete package that delivers over 70 viewing channels and over 25 audio channels, coming in at the price of just R200 per month. All the channels found in our Special package are included in this one, with the addition of other channels like National Geographic, Fox, and Bloomberg to ensure that you are entertained around the clock. Additional sports and news channels are also included, delivering comprehensive satellite TV entertainment.

  1. StarSat Sports+

For the people who only speak the language of sports, this is the package for you. Delivering only on two sports channels, this package is affordable and effective – cutting out all the other nonsense and leaving you with a specialised sporting experience for you to enjoy around the clock. The channels are ST World Football for all the soccer fans out there, and ST Sports Premium for a variety of sporting news and events. If you want your satellite TV experience to consist only of sports, this is the ideal package for you.

We also offer Chinese, French, and Indian packages that are tailored for people who prefer their satellite TV entertainment in their mother tongue, and you can find out more about these and our other options elsewhere on the website, including prices and channel listings. Contact us directly for information on our dishes, decoders, and installations, and let us bring you quality satellite TV entertainment at an affordable price.