World Creativity and Innovation Day

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World Creativity and Innovation Day

World Creativity and Innovation Day on the 21st of April is all about encouraging creative problem-solving. The UN asks us to spend the day experiencing new things, learning new facts, and use what we have at hand to find solutions to everyday problems.

We at DaVinci support this great initiative. We’ve compiled a playlist of shows to inspire you to get your hands dirty and engage your creativity to make the world a better place. Below is the list of shows you can look forward to:

16:30 Marvellous Makes: Learn to make all sorts of things from easy-to-find materials.
16:30 ∟ Leaf Masks
16:35 ∟ Cardboard TV
16:40 ∟ Beaky Biter
16:45 ∟ Sponge Boat
16:50 ∟ Eggbox Bug
16:55 ∟ Crazy Cone Head

17:00 Totally Rubbish: Create crafts using materials we usually throw away.
17:00 ∟ A Carrot Pen and Marcel Duchamp
17:30 ∟ A Daft Disguise and Chris Ofili

18:00 Xploration DIY SCI – DIY Toys: Create mind-bending toys using the principles of science.

18:30 Did You Know? Learn about things you never thought about before; successful creative solutions in action.
18:30 ∟ Car Brakes & Car Factory
18:45 ∟ Hand Wash & Vacuum
19:00 ∟ Gadgets to Revolutionise Your Daily Life
19:30 ∟ Revolutionary Innovations for Everyday Life

20:00 Xploration Nature Knows Best – Mastering the Mimicry (Brand New): Nature has spent millions of years solving all sorts of problems. We can learn so much by mimicking it.

20:30 Hyper Evolution – Rise of the Robots (Brand New): Robots have changed everything. Learn their origins.

Wednesday, 21 April, from 4:30 PM on Da Vinci (ch 308)

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse