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Xploration Awesome Planet

People will only protect what they deem to be precious. If you want to save the planet, first show people why it’s worth saving, then teach them how to protect it.

That is what Xploration Awesome Planet is all about. Our Emmy-nominated host Philippe Cousteau travels the globe finding awe-inspiring displays of nature, from giant rock formations in Yosemite National Park to perfectly preserved fossilized insects on the river banks in Glacier National Park. On his visits, Philippe talks to experts who explain how these wonders of nature came to be.

Philippe also showcases the work that many people and companies are doing to protect what they find precious. In Fiji, people are regrowing corals and gathering tissue samples from sharks to ensure their survival.

Surfing champion Zane Schweitzer hosts fun beach days to teach kids how important it is to collect plastic off the beaches.

By switching to more efficient lighting and using solar panels and wind turbines to produce sustainable energy, the NFL stadium for the Philadelphia Eagles creates 30% of the electricity they need and have cut energy consumption down by 50%.

Together, we can inspire change and make the world a better place.

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From Monday, 19 July

Author: Jan Hendrik Harmse