Yeti Tales on Pop on StarSat

Yeti Tales (S2)

A charming children’s show where an animate plushy yeti called Yetili reads a book every episode to two young mice. The puppetry is fluid and done well, and the characters are engaging and have their own distinct personalities. The two little mice have a knack of saying what you’re thinking regarding the books that they are reading and the Yeti has a pension for cringey jokes. The stories they read come from actual published books, and in the show the Yetili pages through it so you can see the book as well. Not much time is spent on any particular page so it doesn’t spoil the art if you would rather see it yourself. The episodes don’t always end with a life-lesson which stops it from becoming preachy. It’s a fun show for children and not a bad way to get them interested in reading. It’s also entertaining enough that it won’t drive every adult in a 5-meter radius insane.

Sundays | 17:50 | Pop | ch 302