Young Justice (Season 2)

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Young Justice (Season 2)

Behind every great superhero is a great sidekick. Even the best-of-the-best need a little help from time to time so it’s not uncommon for even the most capable of heroes to take on a protégés who can help them in a pinch. It’s also an opportunity to teach the next generation of heroes the tricks of the trade so that they might take over the fight against crime one day.

No one wants to stay a lackey for the rest of their lives, however. There comes a time when the sidekick must step out from under the shadow of their hero and make their own mark on the world. Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, Superboy and Artemis team up to form “The Team”, in which they take on covert ops for the Justice League while continuing their training to become competent heroes.

(Spoilers for season 1 ahead).

The first season was mainly about how The Team were finding their feet: picking a leader, learning to work together, figuring out how to manage interpersonal relationships and learning important lessons. After a few successful misadventures, The Team is strong and force that the bad-guys need to take seriously. Unfortunately, a timely betrayal causes absolute havoc and tears the team apart.

The second season takes place five years after the ending of the first. Robin has become Nightwing and has taken over as leader of The Team, now consisting of himself, Miss Martian and Superboy. After rejecting an invitation to form a part of the Justice League, The Team decide to find their own protégés to make the new team bigger and better than ever.

Soon the young heroes have to face their biggest threat: a planetary invasion that will either destroy them all or damn them to eternal slavery. To make matters worse they have no backup, as a bunch of Justice League members are off-world trying to clear their names. Will The Team be able to find their feet again and fight against this new, monstrous threat, or will the greatest heroes come home to find their planet in ruins?

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